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Case Study: How Profitero Autopilot streamlines Amazon operations for brands expanding into new markets

October 16, 2023
Mike Black
Written By
Mike Black

The Challenge

Expanding into a new market is challenging. Between new retailers, new consumers, and a new supply chain, brands often find that the process is much longer and more complicated than expected. This was certainly true for NAOS as they expanded their skincare product lineup into Canada. 

The Canadian market provides brands with an excellent opportunity to reach digitally influenced consumers. Profitero’s recent survey found that 6 in 10 are more influenced by online brand & product content than in-store signage, and up to 4 in 10 research products on Amazon before visiting a store. Brands should view Amazon as a critical top-of-funnel brand engagement tool for launching a successful omnichannel product lineup, which means investing in syndication as well as attributing modeling to help quantify the halo effect on brick & mortar sales.



One major obstacle to reaching these digitally influenced consumers: NAOS was spending hours every week resolving tickets with Amazon. This wasn’t just a waste of their time – it delayed new product launches, which in turn hurt brand awareness and the shopper experience. The buildup of Amazon tickets also exacerbated fulfillment issues that damaged sales & market share. 


The Solution

NAOS needed a more efficient system for launching new products on Amazon, so they turned to Profitero Autopilot. Autopilot is an operations and catalog management tool that alleviates the manual and mundane work for Amazon teams. By streamlining new product listings and variations, monitoring and resolving invoice shortages, correcting syndication errors across Salsify and Amazon, and more, Autopilot helps brands increase fill rate and improve customer satisfaction. 


The Result

With Autopilot, NAOS decreased their time to market, allowing them to build search visibility & traffic and quickly begin leveraging Amazon for greater brand engagement in the Canadian market.




Aziz Agoumy from NAOS shared his team’s experience with Autopilot:

Quote 3  (1)To learn more about how Autopilot can save your brand time and money on Amazon or to request a demo, click here.


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