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The Retailer Search Playbook 

Expert advice, valuable tools and detailed research to help your brand become more discoverable and win in search. Bookmark this page as we'll be updating it regularly. 



If a shopper can’t find your products, they can’t buy your products. Page 1 of retailer search results is where you want to be. Our research shows you get a 50% bump in sales by moving from page 2 to page 1. Moving into a top 10 spot nearly doubles your sales. Download the Search Placement Report to learn more. 


Certain product content attributes have a stronger influence over search rank than others depending on the retailer. For example, here are the attributes that matter for's algorithm.  

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 1.19.42 PM

"You have to be discoverable. You have to be found. You have to be on page 1. Investing in search across your retailers will be one of the best marketing investments for your brand as more shoppers buy online."


Laura Hyland

VP eCommerce,


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"Having the right data analytics company for eCommerce is hugely important and an absolute asset to companies who want to win on Amazon. Profitero's solution gives the most comprehensive and daily-actionable view of the levers driving our sales performance."


Marie-Therese O'Donohue

Senior eCommerce Channel Manager

Bayer Healthcare

How Profitero can help you win at search

With the Profitero app, you gain access to:

Daily search insights for 600+ retailers:

  • Benchmark your organic and paid search position against competitors 
  • Quickly detect and defend against competitors bidding on your brand keywords
  • Boost your organic search rankings by benchmarking your product content against top-performers
  • Optimize your ad campaigns by identifying new keywords and competitors trending in your categories

Top search use cases

1. Defend against competitor conquesting

2. Identify top candidates for winning more share


3. Optimize paid search ROI


4. Achieve incremental wins

Work with our Insights team to take action on your eCommerce data

estimated sales & share

With the Profitero app, you gain access to:

Share of page 1 scorecard

Guide your search strategy with a monthly view of your share of page 1 placement performance across top keywords and at multiple retailers, trended over time.


  • Monitor performance and progress on top relevant keywords
  • Learn which keywords need improvement or increased investment
  • Understand which competitors are winning which keywords
  • Take action to improve low-ranking SKUs for top keywords

With the Profitero app, you gain access to:

Retailer-specific SEO analysis

By reverse engineering retailer algorithms, Profitero helps you understand what product page elements are most important to improving organic search rank at any retailer. A Pearson Correlation heatmap lets you easily see what moves the needle.


  • Prioritize the content elements in which to invest additional digital marketing resources across retailers
  • Get category-specific benchmarks of content elements across the retailer(s) analyzed
  • Get prescriptive recommendations for improving your organic SEO ranking

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