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Business challenge

Retail media spending is expected to exceed $41 billion in 2022 and $61 billion by 2024, according to Insider Intelligence / eMarketer. And that's just in the U.S.! As retail media costs increase, brands need new and better ways to drive media efficiency — especially as economic and inflationary headwinds squeeze Q4 and 2023 budgets.


Introducing Shelf Intelligent Media™, powered by Profitero + Skai — This industry-first solution connects Profitero's best-in-class digital shelf analytics with Skai's best-in-class ad bidding technology for more efficient and higher-impact sponsored search campaigns on Amazon and This is yet another example of how Profitero's Open Commerce Ecosystem is giving brands the benefits of an integrated and simplified tech stack without sacrificing specialization.


With Shelf Intelligent Media, you can automatically...


Trigger conquesting campaigns when competitor products are out of stock or experiencing price increases.


Pause campaigns when products experience increased negative consumer reviews, or when content is out of compliance on retailer websites. 


Adjust bid amounts when products win or lose “Best Seller” or other badge statuses.

Results brands have seen from optimizing search campaigns with digital shelf insights


weekly increase in sales for a
doll house brand that conquered
a competitor’s OOS products
during the holidays

+10 ppt

increase in market share for
a U.K. baby product mfr. that shifted ad spend to high-converting products with strong digital shelf performance

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