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Conquering conversion with Autopilot

How a sports & outdoor brand saw 5x return on investment with Autopilot



A sports and outdoor brand had a small team with a massive catalog of over 6,500 fields and 1,100 products. With so much content to manage and frequently changing standards for content on Amazon, the fields were breaking faster than the team could handle—so much so that a Profitero audit revealed ⅔ of live content was incorrect. With a prevalent 3P breakage issue, the content was either not theirs or reverted to older versions, affecting the conversion rate. The team urgently sought a solution to easily update and maintain their catalog at scale on Amazon.


Over the course of 6 weeks, Autopilot automatically fixed content fields such as titles, description, bullets and images, bringing over 460 ASINs back inline with the brand’s source of truth.


Autopilot's automatic corrections led to a 4.9 percentage point increase in conversion year over year, generating enough incremental sales to recoup their Autopilot investment more than 5 times over.

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