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Think globally, act locally

How Henkel’s global approach to digital shelf management grew business by 2x in multiple countries



Henkel operates globally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. The company holds a market-leading position across each of its three business units, which span the industrial and consumer space, thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies.

Heading into 2019, Henkel set ambitious goals to grow eCommerce market share globally, with a focus on key markets in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Henkel saw significant opportunities to step-change their current approach with the help of Profitero.


Henkel knew that faster decision making in the local markets would be critical to driving the strategic growth needed. The first step? Giving local teams intimate knowledge of how consumers were engaging with its brands across retailers and where the biggest improvement opportunities could be found.

Henkel turned to Profitero and its highly granular eCommerce data for help. Working with Profitero, Henkel built country-specific scorecards to track the digital shelf KPIs that most directly impact sales growth: in-stock availability, share of search, star rating and reviews count, and product content quality.

Scorecards create a “single source of truth” for global leadership to review monthly, while enabling local teams to identify daily improvement actions at the SKU level. Using Profitero analytics, Henkel is consistently tracking performance KPIs daily for 60+ retailers.


With help from Profitero scorecards, Henkel doubled eCommerce growth across several markets within a year. Product content proved to be a big area of opportunity.

For example, Henkel’s Amazon Germany
team uncovered an opportunity to improve performance for one of its hard surface cleaning products by updating images and keywords
to show more use cases. As a result of these changes, the product was able to boost traffic by 27% and units sold by 24%.

Henkel is now extending these learnings to more product lines, and identifying additional areas for improvement using Profitero’s data and analytics.

Company-wide results

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eCommerce growth in multiple countries

Sample product results

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increase in traffic
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increase in units sold

"With Profitero, we have a trusted data partner to help Henkel systematically track eCommerce KPIs, and to align our global and local teams to drive purposeful growth." 


Boris Rütten

Senior Manager, Global eCommerce


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