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Skilling up for SEO

How Profitero’s Commerce Advisory hosted an Amazon Retail Media Workshop for a global CPG manufacturer



A global CPG brand set out to establish a clear Amazon search strategy across its EMEA markets. The manufacturer's teams were in different phases of search maturity and in need of support upskilling their practitioners, organizing ways of working and developing go-forward plans to maximize investment efficiency in the upcoming fiscal year.


Profitero’s Commerce Advisory group partnered with the CPG's global eCommerce leadership team to develop and host a dynamic in-person workshop. Profitero led seven in-depth interviews with cross-functional stakeholders in each market to diagnose the manufacturers' unique search challenges and opportunities and to inform the custom learning agenda and breakout sessions.


Over 20 participants attended the workshop, which included a training on best practices for paid & organic search, a tactical session to solve common Amazon challenges, and a planning session to establish a quarterly & 2-year search strategy in each market. Team engagement and dialogue was high throughout the day, and local markets left with a set of actionable insights and search frameworks.

Within three months post-workshop, the team implemented the following changes across markets:

sales icon

Increased investment in paid search for the upcoming fiscal year


Hired additional headcount & initiated structural team changes

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Began utilizing a swim lane keyword approach for multi-brand, same-category governance

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