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Competing in China's eCommerce Market:
5 Crucial Steps to Success for Retailers and Brands.

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eCommerce is the fastest-growing retail channel. Profitero delivers actionable online insights.

Our world-leading technology provides real-time eCommerce intelligence to retailers and brands, helping them take advantage of the fastest-growing retail channel in order to increase sales profitably.


Profitero’s Price Intelligence provides complete visibility into your competitors’ pricing and product assortment, giving you the confidence to make smarter and more profitable pricing decisions.

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Profitero’s eCommerce Intelligence delivers critical online metrics to help brands improve their sales and positioning, in any country and from any online or multichannel retailer.

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"Brand Price Match and sharper own-label prices continue to attract more people to shop with us each week. Profitero provides us with the data we require to support our pricing strategy, helping us to continue to deliver the best possible value to our shoppers."

Pricing and Promotions Manager,


"Staples selected Profitero for its market-leading price intelligence solution which was proven to match all our requirements. The accuracy and reliability of Profitero’s pricing data is integral to Staples’ pricing strategy."

Pricing Manager,

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The latest posts, news and reports from Profitero

eCommerce Intelligence: Conversion Comes From Product-Detail Content

By Mark White posted 24 April 2015

For years, product-page content has been grudgingly regarded as necessary for companies selling online. However, with the continuing shift towards omnichannel, Mark White of content26 discusses why brands need to provide consumers with compelling, informative, and user-benefit rich product content in order to optimize their online presence and drive conversion.

eCommerce Intelligence: Competing in China's eCommerce Market

By Yan Deng posted 22 April 2015

Chinese eCommerce is exploding. Today, there are over 600 million Internet users in China whose cumulative buying power has propelled China into first place as the fastest-growing and biggest eCommerce market in the world. But amidst this highly lucrative - yet complex - market, how can foreign-based retailers and brands best capitalize on this growth?

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