We don’t believe in bragging, but we do believe in being direct. With that, we can candidly say that our team of ex-Google and IBM Watson engineers and mathematicians are a talented group. These data scientists are motivated by solving problems that others say can’t be solved and doing so in new, innovative ways.

So, while other companies outsourced data monitoring to kick start efforts with CPG brands or jumped on the fashionable “Big Data” bandwagon we rolled up our sleeves to create a scalable, more flexible approach.

Our co-founders Vol, Dmitry and Kanstanstin believed from the outset that taking the extra time to architect a smarter technology was the best approach in the long run for our company and our customers.

If this sounds similar to the story of the tortoise and the hare, you’re on the right track. With Profitero you get:

The best technology

Our customers can see everything, because our proprietary digital monitoring technology rapidly discovers all instances of a brand and its competitors online. So, no matter how many products you have, what markets you operate in or who your eCommerce retail partners are, we have you covered.

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Cost-effective scalability and flexibility

Because we developed the technology in-house, we can keep it scalable and flexible and re-invest in it to continually improve it. We’re always innovating (it’s in our DNA), and we give customers the capability of “looking under the hood” which they don’t often get with competitors.

Unparalleled analytics and strategic recommendations correlated with actual sales data

At the end of the day you’re charged with improving performance. And even if you’re executing flawlessly against a brilliant playbook, you may find yourself coming up short if you don’t know your performance across all of your sales channels. Let us estimate your online market share on Amazon and correlate other sales data with online analytics, so you can improve overall performance.