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Content that Converts: How to create winning eCommerce product pages
By on May 23, 2018

73% of consumers cite detailed product content as a key factor when searching for and selecting products online, according to a UPS and comScore study. The challenge for today’s brands? They have just seconds to shine on the digital shelf. Product pages that have descriptive and complete content are becoming increasingly important in order to…

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By on May 08, 2018

Great product content is a dual-threat weapon for accelerating your online sales. On one hand, it boosts traffic to your product pages by influencing where a product shows up in search. On the other hand, it influences conversion by providing the information consumers need to compare alternatives and justify decisions. As an example: Profitero worked…

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By on November 29, 2017

Product page content can seem difficult. You sell, perhaps, thousands of items, across multiple categories, across all your retail partners. With the limited resources and budget you have, how can you possibly make all that product content visually and textually perfect? The simple answer is: You can’t. While having brand consistent content is ideal, it’s…

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By on October 23, 2017

According to NRF’s annual Halloween survey, more than 179 million Americans are planning to take part in Halloween festivities – up from 171 million last year. Spending is expected to reach a record high of $9.1 billion, with online search the number one starting point for consumers looking for Halloween ideas and inspiration. Among Halloween…

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By on May 31, 2017

Millennials – born between 1980 and 2000 – aren’t just a niche consumer segment; they’re a generation that makes up 21% of the UK population. They are the 20th century’s last generation and its first truly digital one. 90% of them go online daily. Their social lives, their shopping habits, all happen across online and…

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