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The Evolution of eCommerce
By on April 04, 2017

It’s hard to imagine a world without eCommerce, a world where consumers can buy anything, anywhere, anytime – wherever they are, and whatever they are doing. It’s even harder to believe that etail giant Amazon launched barely two decades ago but is now one of the world’s biggest retailers. Ten years after it began its…

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By on January 30, 2017

Here’s some news that isn’t earth shattering: eCommerce teams want to uncover insights and make conclusions, fast.  The freedom to visualize, analyze and combine multiple data sources lets you look at your data in new ways, come to conclusions and take action. But even with the help of software partners, automation techniques, consultants and agencies…

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By on October 26, 2016

In Q3, global eCommerce analytics firm Profitero experienced its third consecutive quarter of record sales, driven by strong demand from large brands and retailers globally such as General Mills, L’Oreal, Beiersdorf, Sam’s Club and Delhaize. Through three quarters, North American sales have increased more than 200 percent year-over-year, and sales for EMEA increased 85 percent…

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By on July 07, 2016

Brands seeking to actively track and accelerate product performance across retailer sites such as Amazon can now rely on one single platform, Digital Shelf 360™, from e-commerce analytics pioneer Profitero. As the only solution that connects what shoppers see on a retailer’s “digital shelf” with resulting online sales and category share data, Digital Shelf 360 enables…

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