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Podcast Q&A: How Brands Can Optimize for Seasonal Events
By on October 04, 2017

As we head into this year’s holiday season, how can brands better plan and optimize for seasonally-driven events and products? In this Q&A, Nicole Vinson, group director of eCommerce at The Integer Group, provides her point of view and advice on optimizing for the seasons. Check out the podcast for the full interview. Keith Anderson:…

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By on September 27, 2017

It’s clear that the dynamics of eCommerce is fast creating a level playing field for brands – regardless of size or marketing budget. As we outlined in our earlier post, many smaller brands have a natural advantage on eCommerce sites like Amazon due to lower barriers to entry, search advantages (shoppers are increasingly trained to…

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By on September 07, 2017

“Bigger is better.” That’s what we’ve been taught throughout life, right? The brands with the bigger distribution network and the bigger marketing budget always win. I mean, always. But the dynamics of eCommerce are flipping that rule on its head. In fact, in many ways small brands have a natural advantage for winning on websites…

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By on August 03, 2017

As we saw with the phenomenal success of Prime Day, Amazon continues to drive eCommerce sales. Understanding how your products stack up against the best sellers on Amazon – as well as keeping an eye on new and emerging brands entering your category – is vital to online success. Profitero’s FastMovers reports analyze best-selling products…

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By on July 21, 2017

Amazon’s own-brand devices dominated the list of best-selling electronics products on Amazon.co.uk following its deep Prime Day price cutting last week. Profitero analysis shows that on Prime Day, Amazon UK discounted the prices of its own best-selling electronics devices by an average of 38%.  Subsequently, Amazon’s share of the top 10 best-selling products in the category rose…

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