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We give you powerful visibility into your data and guidance to grow your sales faster.


The best eCommerce platform for small businesses

Profitero Pro delivers the same powerful market intelligence used by enterprise brands like L’Oréal and General Mills, but with simplified features and standardized category estimates that make them simpler and more affordable for small eCommerce teams.

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No matter the budget, get actionable insights to improve all your growth levers on Amazon and reverse-engineer what competitors are doing to win.

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Powerful insights, just for you

Profitero Pro delivers the same level of accuracy and precision as Profitero's enterprise-grade market share and digital shelf analytics, but with streamlined features that make them more affordable.

Watch this video to see the depth of insights you can get.

Benchmark your Amazon
growth against competitors,
not in a vacuum

Down to the item-level, monitor how your daily sales
are tracking against 1P and 3P category competitors to
ensure your campaigns and investments are truly moving
the needle. Our new standardized market share categories make it affordable and easy for you.

Easily estimate the 'size of the prize' of potential expansion efforts with premium access to all subcategories within your given Amazon category.

Profitero Sales & Share data
Profitero Amazon action report

Simplify work and save time

Automate the manual hunt and peck work you once had to do to keep on top of your daily-changing product content, search position, out of stocks, Buy Box and consumer reviews. Leverage actionable
reports that detail the specific actions
you need to take to grow your sales and increase ROI.

Experts to help you act on your data

Data is only valuable if you can act on it — and with a small team, that can be difficult. With Profitero Pro, you have the option of combining our insights with advertising, content and supply chain optimization services from certified Profitero partner agencies. Stretch your limited team resources and achieve fast ROI.

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A solution that pays for itself


What a toy brand gained in just 10 days by using out of stock insights to conquest a major competitor having supply issues during the holiday season.


On average, brands who use Profitero to optimize their advertising, content and supply chain strategies grow 70% faster than their category competitors.


The additional sales a vitamin brand gained by using ratings & reviews insights to quickly detect and improve issues with product content.

"Profitero Pro is helping Califia identify and eliminate out-of-stocks, which, besides hurting sales, can also hurt brands’ search rankings, as well as identifying keywords it should be buying ads against and tracking how its products are faring against those keywords in searches. Profitero Pro also helps Califia track its sales and competitive share across eCommerce retailers and spot where it needs to direct spending."

Headshot of Halee Patel Newton

Halee Patel Newton

VP of eCommerce,

Califia Farms

"Profitero Pro helps by matching inventory and supply chain capabilities with ad spending. We want to ensure what we’re putting spend behind not only has enough product to support the demand, but it’s something that Amazon is actively forecasting against — so we’re putting advertising to the right products."

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Nancy-Lee McLaughlin

Senior Director of Search & Enterprise Services,


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