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Episode 42: How to Define and Lead Digital Transformation

The FMI and Nielsen forecast that 70% of US shoppers could be buying groceries online by as early as 2022. But how should CPG businesses be preparing for this seismic shift?

Keith Anderson is joined by Oskar Kaszubski, a global eCommerce leader with 15 years of experience leading digital transformation for Fortune 100 companies (including Mondelez and Kimberly-Clark), mid-size and start-ups. Currently, Oskar is VP, eCommerce Acceleration at Kellogg’s where he’s responsible for future-proofing global company growth via eCommerce and digital business innovation.

Keith and Oskar discuss how to define the scope and lead digital transformation to position eCommerce for success (in terms of what to do but equally what not to do), the outlook for online grocery growth, as well as some of Oskar’s observations on specific technologies that are changing how consumers engage with retailers and brands.