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Episode 34: Instacart’s Take on Online Grocery: Is the US at a Tipping Point?

Online grocery shopping is widely regarded as the fastest growing segment in the overall grocery retail market. A recent report by FMI-Nielsen projects that online grocery spending could increase from 4.3 percent of total U.S. food and beverage sales currently to as much as 20 percent by 2025 – a $100 billion market opportunity.

Profitero’s SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson is joined by Nilam Ganenthiran, Chief Business Officer at Instacart, the leading online grocery platform in the US.

Keith and Nilam discuss the state of online grocery in the US and how it compares to other more mature markets like the UK, some of the economic realities and challenges of online grocery overall, the distinctions between different grocery models (delivery versus click and collect), and what’s on the horizon on both the demand and supply chain side for online grocery.