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Cyber Five planning? Design promotions & AMS campaigns to get a multiplier effect
By on August 28, 2019

Prime Day is a great laboratory for testing promotional strategies that can be used for any key season of the year, such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. One standout area on Prime Day was how some brands were able to coordinate their promotions and AMS campaigns for maximized results.

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By on August 26, 2019

Amazon’s methodology for awarding the Amazon’s Choice badge has been called into question. The Profitero perspective: featuring profitable products does not signal foul play; instead increased brand spend should be thought of as a proxy for a brand’s commitment to eCommerce success.

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By on July 18, 2019

Phew! That was a wild 48 hours. Now that the dust has settled on Prime Day 2019, how do we at Profitero think it stacked up?

Here’s our review across 7 factors.

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By on June 27, 2019

Now in its 5th year, Prime Day is one of the most successful “manufactured” shopping holidays in history, perfectly situated in the halfway spot of the year ahead of Black Friday. This week, Amazon announced that Prime Day 2019 will be “a two-day parade of non-stop deals,” starting Monday July 15th. To get a read…

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By on April 17, 2019

In our 2018 Global eCommerce survey, Profitero and Kantar discovered why eCommerce analytics will be a key driver of growth for many manufacturers in 2019. Just over half of all global respondents highlighted measuring and reporting on how eCommerce is performing within their organisation as one of the top challenges they are facing. This, in…

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