Global eCommerce directors

Do you need to win broad-based support for eCommerce inside your organization? We’ve got you covered on making the internal sell for eCommerce. Understand the impact of the eCommerce investments you are making. Estimate your brands’ share of category sales on Detect competitive product launches and promotion. And, more.

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Heads of pricing and merchandising

The competition is fierce. A growing number of retailers are looking for strategic insights from eCommerce data to improve performance. What promotions are my competitors running for the brands I carry? How do prices for the brands I carry compare to my competition’s pricing? How do I analyze my product assortment versus competitors to identify opportunities?

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Agency professionals

Increasingly agencies need to deliver a 360-view of performance across all their clients’ sales channels, not just in-store. What is my clients’ share of category sales at How can they optimize their products’ share of page one search results at online retailers?

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