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Amazon Pantry
Prime Pantry has ended. So what? Now what?
By on January 12, 2021

The move is good for brands because it streamlines a lot of operational hassles. Learn the implications, and what brands can do to capitalize.

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By on October 14, 2020

With the first 24 hours of Prime Day in the books, here are our biggest observations so far, and a deep dive on Day 1 category winners.

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By on September 09, 2020

CEO Bryan Wiener offers his perspective on the launch of Profitero’s Open Commerce Ecosystem, and why the industry needs it more than ever.

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By on May 21, 2020

Brands must prioritize eCommerce investment now or risk missing a huge opportunity to win loyalty with newfound digital shoppers.

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By on April 27, 2020

Digital advertising veterans Bryan Wiener and Sarah Hofstetter, who together formerly ran 360i, have joined Profitero as CEO and President, respectively. Also joining as CTO is Sandor Palfy, formerly of LogMeIn.

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By on November 12, 2018

Califia Farms is an innovative manufacturer of “good for the world” almondmilk, cold brew coffees, creamers, drinkable yogurts and juices. A small but mighty eComm team, Halee Patel manages all of Califia’s retailer partnerships — pure play (e.g., Amazon, Thrive Market, etc.), brick and click (e.g., Walmart, etc.) and grocery delivery (e.g., Instacart). She also…

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By on October 02, 2018

So far, 2019 is shaping up to be a blockbuster year when it comes to investing in eCommerce. According to our third annual eCommerce benchmarking survey, 41% of brands will increase eCommerce spending by as much as 10% vs. the prior year — and 35% of brands will exceed that number. Are you confident you’re making…

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By on May 08, 2018

Great product content is a dual-threat weapon for accelerating your online sales. On one hand, it boosts traffic to your product pages by influencing where a product shows up in search. On the other hand, it influences conversion by providing the information consumers need to compare alternatives and justify decisions. As an example: Profitero worked…

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By on April 26, 2018

Online retailers are in a price war – each trying to outdo the other by offering consumers the lowest price in the market. But as Profitero has documented, Amazon refuses to be beaten. Whenever Walmart, Target or any other retailer lowers their price, Amazon automatically drops its price too. While great for consumers, this aggressive…

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By on January 30, 2018

Since joining Profitero five months ago, I’ve tracked e-commerce performance data for some of the world’s most recognized CPG manufacturers. One thing that never fails to surprise me is the amount of sales lost each month due to products being out-of-stock (OOS) when shoppers go to buy. In other words, the brand itself is doing…

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By on November 16, 2017

In our second annual industry study, we found that companies are setting ever more aggressive online sales targets, but they feel less and less certain about how they will achieve them – citing a lack of clear strategy as their number one challenge in growing eCommerce sales. The Profitero 2017 study, How Brands Are Budgeting…

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