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12 Breakthrough Ways Brands and Retailers Can Partner More Effectively Online
By on July 01, 2015

In the age of eCommerce, the pace of change continues to accelerate, and nowhere is that change more apparent than in the evolving relationship between the two bulwarks of the retail industry—the CPG companies who create the brands and the retailers themselves. This new Profitero White Paper provides brands and retailers with a dozen essential pointers on how to partner more effectively.

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By on June 23, 2015

What are the four things eCommerce heads need? Watch our 3-minute video where you’ll get a high level overview of the CPG eCommerce Toolkit and its four main components: Merchandising, Marketing, Product Content, and eCommerce Data.

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By on June 11, 2015

How can today’s CPG company make the right choice in selecting an eCommerce performance management solution that gives them the actionable insights they need in order to compete more effectively? Our just-published Buyers’ Guide takes readers step-by-step through the process.

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By on May 11, 2015

After months of hype and $220M+ in raised capital (including an unspecified amount from Alibaba), has launched in beta to its first 10,000 users. Profitero’s Keith Anderson was among the first 10,000 users and shares his initial impressions of the would-be Amazon challenger.

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By on April 29, 2015

On Tuesday, Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Business, a new platform targeting the highly lucrative B2B eCommerce marketplace. Companies that register for an Amazon Business account will have access to business-only products with bulk discounts and free 2-day shipping on orders over $49. We look at the implications for what Amazon’s latest move means for B2B eCommerce.

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By on April 07, 2015

Amazon has just announced the launch of Amazon Dash, a push-button auto-replenishment service and the latest Amazon innovation aimed at reducing friction in how people buy. But what are the implications that this pattern of innovation and parallel developments have for retailers and manufacturers?

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By on March 18, 2015

eCommerce growth is exploding but what data is really available to CPG companies accustomed to data-driven strategic planning and execution? In an article originally written for CPG Data Tip Sheet, Profitero’s VP Strategy & Insights Keith Anderson discusses current and future data options for tracking CPG eCommerce.

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By on September 30, 2014

As technology continues to transform retail and embed itself in all areas of commerce – including sports and fitness –  Profitero’s Keith Anderson looks at how companies should be navigating this period of accelerating change, in an article originally authored for the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).

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