Profitero Podcast Q&A: Item Level Profitability at Amazon

By on August 30, 2016

If you’re a brand selling on Amazon through their retail channel, chances are you’ve heard about CRaP – which stands for Can’t Realize any Profit, Amazon’s label for items that are structurally unprofitable for them to sell in their retail channel. In a transcript of their recent podcast, Profitero’s Keith Anderson speaks with Andrea Leigh…

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Profitero Podcast Q&A: Automating eCommerce Performance and the Quantified Self

By on August 18, 2016

In a transcript of their recent podcast Q&A, Profitero’s Keith Anderson speaks with Garrett Bluhm, Director of eCommerce at Hyland’s, Inc. Garrett discusses some of the tools he uses to measure, analyze, optimize, and automate every day routine tasks that are essential to both his personal and professional life, using tools such as If This…

House Supplies

Why House Supplies Sales are Booming in the eCommerce Channel

By on August 16, 2016

Home may be where the heart is, but it’s also where the profits are. House and cleaning supplies are at the forefront of the surge in eCommerce CPG sales, which rose 42% last year, well ahead of an overall eCommerce increase of 30%.  Laundry detergent leads the way with an 85% increase, with Procter and Gamble’s…


Four eCommerce “Must Haves” for Today’s Vitamin and OTC Brands and Retailers

By on August 09, 2016

With eCommerce sales of roughly $7 billion annually, and an annual growth rate of 12.3% since 2010, vitamin purchases are a “natural” for the online channel. Consumers who take a one-a-day multi-vitamin on a predictable basis are ideal candidates for regular replenishment via a subscription program like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, with nearly 40% of consumers who…


Amazon’s Move Into Private Label Consumables

By on July 28, 2016

After years of rumors and innuendo, finally seems poised to launch a large-scale push into its own lines of consumables, launching Happy Belly coffee and Mama Bear baby food in June 2016.  In a transcript of a recent podcast, Keith Anderson discusses why Amazon is investing in private label consumables, how Amazon’s private label…


Digital Outperformance: Why Product Content and Ratings & Reviews Matter

By on June 08, 2016

Part 2 of Keith Anderson’s presentation at the Spring 2016 Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference in which he discusses the importance of product content and ratings & reviews. In Part 1, Keith covered the importance of search ranking and discoverability. Click to view the on-demand webinar. In our previous post, we addressed the importance of search ranking and discoverability – maximizing the number of products…

Amazon Dash

Digital Outperformance: Analytics-Driven Strategies For Retail’s Fastest Growth Channel

By on May 23, 2016

This is part 1 (of 2 posts) in which we summarize Keith Anderson’s recent presentation at the Spring 2016 Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference: Digital Outperformance – Analytics-Driven Strategies For Retail’s Fastest Growth Channel.  View the on-demand webinar. Many retailers and CPG companies have begun to appreciate that we’ve been going through a period of fairly transformational change,…


The Struggle is Real for Brands Competing with Amazon’s 3P Sellers

By on April 18, 2016

For years, Amazon’s third-party (3P) seller marketplace has hardly registered on manufacturers’ radars. At many brands, account teams’ and eCommerce directors’ stance has often been that: “We only get credit for what Amazon sells directly, so we don’t pay attention to 3P.” The Rise and Rise of Amazon’s 3P Marketplace But Amazon’s 3P seller marketplace has been…


Click-and-Collect Continues to Evolve, But Where is it Headed?

By on April 12, 2016

As the click-and-collect model becomes increasingly popular with retailers and consumers, its growing adoption is borne out by recent industry statistics: According to a survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers, during the 2015 holiday season, nearly one-third of all shoppers chose to make purchases online, then pick up the merchandise at the retailer’s brick-and-mortar…

Amazon Dash

What If There Is No Shelf?

By on April 05, 2016

Retailers and brands have long understood the importance of shelf presence and retail execution. How many first-year employees at Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and P&G have spent endless hours auditing stores for compliance with planograms and display plans? How many category management, space planning, and third-party merchandising professionals are there in your company? With so much invested in…


How to Increase Online Impulse Purchases

By on March 22, 2016

It’s no secret that impulse purchases are a CPG mainstay under siege. Pressure to offer better-for-you indulgences, the rise of self-checkout, and shoppers too distracted by phones to notice product displays in the checkout line—these are just a few of the reasons industry insiders are exploring the future of impulse purchasing. In this article, we’ll…

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