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5 Ways to Optimize your eCommerce Performance with Amazon FastMovers – Part 5: Benchmarking Product Performance
By on February 21, 2017

This is the final post of a five-part blog series that has covered highlights, key features, and use cases of Profitero’s Amazon FastMovers reports: If you’ve missed any of our earlier posts, you can catch up on the series so far: Part 1: How to Analyze your Competitors Part 2: Identifying New Arrivals in your…

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By on February 03, 2017

In our continuing Amazon FastMovers series (previous posts include Part 1: Analyzing Your Competitors and Part 2: Identifying Emerging Brands), we cover how to use these reports to detect consumer and product trends – helping brands better understand how to improve their eCommerce strategy and performance. Identifying the Most Popular Product Keywords By Category Amazon…

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By on January 18, 2017

In this five-part blog series we cover highlights, key features, and use cases of Proftero’s Amazon FastMovers reports. This series includes: Part 1: How to Analyze your Competitors Part 2: Identifying New Arrivals in your Category Part 3: Detecting Consumer and Product Trends—e.g. Wellness Part 4: Tracking the Number of 3P sellers Part 5: Benchmarking…

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By on December 20, 2016

In the first part of our 2016 Holiday Trends, the holiday season was defined in terms of the best online shopping day by category. We looked at specific dates that shoppers will be taking advantage of in order to attain the best deals, prevalent out-of-stock days, as well as predictions for top selling products by…

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By on November 18, 2016

This holiday season is expected to be the biggest in eCommerce history with eMarketer estimating sales from the online channel will surpass 10% of the total U.S. holiday retail sales. Consumers are increasingly leveraging the eCommerce channel for both the convenience and assortment it delivers, and are beginning to take full advantage of the online…

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By on October 01, 2015

In July, officially launched, promising shoppers the “lowest prices on everything”. Profitero analyzed more than 16,000 exactly-matched products on launch day and found that Jet was priced an average of 9% lower than Amazon and 6% lower than Walmart.

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By on September 02, 2015

The Back-to-school shopping season is the second most lucrative time of the year for retailers—trailing only to the winter holiday season. Now that September has begun, Back-to-school shopping may be pretty much over but the conversation is far from over. Take this one-question poll to share your experience and find out how your company stacks up against the competition this season.  

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By on August 14, 2015

Many believe their organization is ready to tackle eCommerce, but end up falling short. Where do you stand? Performing this assessment will take only a moment of your time, but will provide you with useful guidance for determining whether your organization can benefit NOW from an eCommerce performance measurement solution. Click below to begin the assessment. //…

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