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Profitero eStock Index: Tracking weekly out-of-stock rates by category during COVID-19

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has put eCommerce inventory and supply chain issues front and center. Panic buying and massive pantry stocking by consumers have led to unprecedented out-of-stock (OOS) levels online across many high-demand categories, e.g., disinfectant wipes, toilet paper, diapers, pasta, and more.

Many brands are still flying blind when it comes to hard facts and figures as to what is happening and the extent of the impact in their categories. Among the questions Profitero has been fielding from brands we work with: 

  • What does the average online OOS rate look like for my category?
  • How does my category stack up against others?
  • Are we all in the same boat? Are other brands and categories experiencing what we are?

To help address these questions, we developed the Profitero eStock Index, which tracks average out-of-stock rates for some key stock-up categories — e.g., protecting & disinfecting products and shelf-stable pantry goods — that have seen online demand surge in recent weeks due to coronavirus.

The rapid and somewhat unexpected upshot in out-of-stock rates shown in the charts below underscores how important it is for brands to have real-time access to data across online retailers, via a tool like Profitero, to help inform supply chain strategy and maximize product availability.

Note: These trackers will be updated weekly, so bookmark this page and check back often. (U.S.) — Profitero eStock Index (U.S.) — Profitero eStock Index (U.S.) — Profitero eStock Index (U.K.) — Profitero eStock Index (U.K.) — Profitero eStock Index



Profitero studied 5,840 products (4,001 in the U.S. and 1,839 in the U.K.) on key pantry stock-up categories across five of the top U.S. and U.K. online retailers. The rates shown in the charts include Out-of-stocks (OOS) and Unavailable products.

  • “OOS products” are defined as products that are temporarily not available for purchase, require additional days for shipment, or have been removed from search results.
  • “Unavailable products” are defined as products in which the future replenishment has not been confirmed, are obsolete, not in season, out of stock for 90+ days, or delisted.

Profitero included unavailable products in the COVID-19 OOS analysis to reflect the lack of availability of these categories on the retailer sites studied (i.e., many OOS products have not yet confirmed replenishment due to COVID-19 circumstances).