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Cyber 5 Sales Recap: Which categories and brands crushed it during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The five-day shopping event starting on Thanksgiving and ending on Cyber Monday has affectionately been dubbed “Cyber 5” weekend. It’s a time of year when we, as consumers, channel our primal hunter instincts and battle each other (often physically) to find the biggest and best deals. Using our proprietary sales & share estimation technology, Profitero decided to investigate the hype behind this Cyber 5 phenomenon. We analyzed unit sales across 5 key categories on Amazon before and during the Cyber 5 weekend, comparing these peak selling days against average daily sales during the Nov. 9 – 26, 2018 time frame.

Here’s what we learned:

(Note: All numbers in the charts below show unit sales on an index. A sales index of 100 is the average daily unit sales on Amazon for the period studied: Nov. 9 – 26, 2018; an index of 200 is equal to double the daily average sales.)

1. Cyber Monday trumps Black Friday

Black Friday may be the big selling event in brick and mortar, but on Amazon, it’s clear that Cyber Monday rules the roost. Unit sales were up 2.6x on Cyber Monday compared with average daily sales during the period studied. This bested Black Friday’s 1.8x sales increase. Sales — though higher than average — normalized a bit on Saturday and Sunday of the Cyber 5 weekend.



On Black Friday, the typically high-gifting Electronics category outperformed other categories in terms of unit sales increases (except for the aforementioned Toys & Games). Within Electronics, TVs were a hot commodity with unit sales topping 3x the norm (an index of 309) on Black Friday. Other sub-categories, including speakers and headphones, sold well during the Cyber 5 weekend as well.



Toshiba Fire TV case study: Earning an Amazon Best Seller badge

Seasonal sales events, like the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend (or Prime Day), present a good opportunity for brands to drive traffic and conversion, and earn some Amazon badges — like Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice — along the way.

Let’s look at a specific product example where we saw this happen: Toshiba’s 32-inch HD Smart LED TV – Fire TV Edition.

Toshiba’s Fire TV (for short) was one of the highest selling products in the TV category this season. With a regular retail price of $180.00, Toshiba aggressively promoted the item at a $50-off discount for $129.99 on Black Friday. Its efforts appear to have paid off:

  • Unit sales spiked, with Toshiba selling 4.2x more Fire TVs on Black Friday compared with average unit sales during the full 18-day analysis period.
  • Toshiba Fire TV’s page ranking for the keyword “smart TV” skyrocketed — moving from 18th place in the two-week run-up to Black Friday up to 3rd place throughout the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.
  • The item effectively earned its Amazon Best Seller badge on Black Friday and, importantly, retained it for the remainder of the weekend and beyond, providing a halo effect during the all-important holiday sales season.


There are some important lessons to be learned here: Give some serious consideration — time, effort and dollars — when planning your Amazon promotions. Be sure to hit the “right” seasons and sales events critical to your categories. The benefits can be far-reaching and enduring.


To see how you performed during the Cyber 5 weekend, contact us about accessing data specific to your brand or product. We could have some data on-hand and ready to share, or can set you up to trial Profitero’s Amazon Analytics FREE for 30 days.