Problems We Solve

The explosive growth of eCommerce brings a new set of challenges for consumer brands and retailers:

Competitive intelligence

eCommerce is growing at an explosive rate. But, opportunities of this magnitude breed intense competition. And that’s precisely why today’s brand managers and retailers find themselves in a highly competitive, increasingly transparent, environment. How do you know what to do in order to raise sales online or in-store?

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Connecting what shoppers see online with what they buy

In the brick-and-mortar world, the path to purchase is becoming more clearly defined with POS data and other performance measures. In today’s eCommerce world, it can be hard to tell the impact that eCommerce investments and competitive pricing have on purchases (either online or in-store). How can you report to management on progress if you can’t measure how you are doing?


Ways to partner more effectively

The traditional relationship between buyers and sellers in the brick-and-mortar world is being transformed by the explosive growth of online retail. The late adapters are falling behind as they attempt to partner together to increase sales on the digital shelf and in-store. What do you need to do on the digital shelf to drive higher sales for you and your partner, simultaneously?


“It’s less about us selling products directly to consumers and more about partnering with our retailer counterparts to help optimize our business with them. The big area we’ve been able to gain a lot of traction in is partnering with a wide number of retailers and helping influence them as they set up their digital shelves.”

General Mills

How to build the perfect digital store

In a physical brick-and-mortar environment, you care about placement on the shelf, layout, adjacencies, promotion, pricing and more. On the digital shelf, there are some direct analogs, but there are also really important distinctions. How do you know whether shoppers are engaging online and whether you are influencing in-store sales?