Get Complete Visibility Into Your Resellers' Channel
Prices, Promotions and Products

Profitero provides manufacturers with real-time price intelligence data, monitoring 200 million price checks across 4,000 retailers daily.

  • Understand your resellers' pricing strategies
  • Benchmark your prices and product selection
  • Respond to competitor promotions as they happen
  • Grow your sales and profit margins

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PROFITERO is trusted by:

  • Sams
  • Tesco
  • Waitrose
  • Ocado
  • Nebraska
  • Worten

Use Profitero To Stay Ahead Of The Competition:

  • Avoid unnecessary price reductions by having instant and complete visibility into your resellers' prices and price changes with the help of our pricing intelligence

  • Support the right partners to identify which of your resellers are continuously driving lower prices and thereby risk decreasing your profit margins

  • Increase ROI on promotional campaigns by ensuring resellers deliver agreed promotions and competitors do not undercut your promotions on price

  • More successful product launches by using historical retail intelligence data to forecast new product prices and new product performance

Why Profitero?

  • We have the Largest Retailer Coverage

    We can monitor any retailer with an online presence, in any country, both nationwide and at store level. Profitero's retail intelligence technology monitors 50 million products across 4,000 retailers around the world every day, covering FMCG, Health and Beauty, Electronics and all other leading retail categories. Additional retailers and countries can be added to your competitor price monitoring in less than one week.

  • We Guarantee High-Quality Data

    Profitero has embedded quality assurance checks in every stage of our retail intelligence data collection and product matching process. Our customers make important pricing decisions based on our price monitoring data and deserve to receive price intelligence of the highest quality.

  • We have the Highest Match Rates and Accuracy In The Industry

    Developed by Profitero, our patent-pending matching retail intelligence technology delivers the highest match rates and accuracy in the industry, with a 25-30% higher success rate than the competition. Our price monitoring technology also allows for detailed customisation of your product matching requirements. High match rates, based on your matching policy, is a goal we work hard to achieve for every customer's competitor monitoring.

  • We Match Branded or Own-Label Products

    Profitero's matching technology works very well for pricing intelligence on both branded and own-label products. We not only provide our customers with the highest match rate in the retail intelligence industry, but we also match and normalise weight and volume for own-label competitor matches at scale. Now you can accurately benchmark your own-label products against any competitor.

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Profitero serves global manufacturers and brands, high-street retailers - with hundreds of store locations, and pure-play online retailers.

Companies with over $100 million in annual revenue benefit the most from Profitero.