content26 Guest Blog: A Content Exercise in Amazon Pet Supplies

Authored by on November 25, 2015

Amazon Pet Supplies Audit
What’s great about owning a dog?

Unconditional loyalty
Your buddy is up for anything, anytime
Someone is ecstatic every time you walk in the door

What’s bad about owning a dog?

Dragging a 50-pound bag of dog food to and from your car every couple of weeks

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Coop Netherlands Turns to Profitero for Online Competitor Price Monitoring

Authored by on November 24, 2015

Profitero today announces that Coop Netherlands has become the latest European supermarket to select Profitero to deliver online competitor pricing intelligence. Delhaize Belgium, Waitrose, Morrisons and Ocado are just some of the leading grocery retailers already leveraging Profitero’s price intelligence solution.
The Dutch supermarket turned to Profitero after its previous data supplier experienced issues in …Read More


Infographic: The Online Baby Category – A Gateway to eCommerce

Authored by on November 19, 2015

“For many people, having a baby is the gateway to online shopping. New mothers are 4 times more likely to buy their groceries online than the average person” ~ Philip Walker, Senior eCommerce Manager, Danone Europe
The baby category is central to the growth of CPG eCommerce – but how should brand manufacturers and retailers …Read More

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content26 Guest Blog: Content for Amazon Baby – A Failure to Thrive?

Authored by on November 18, 2015

By Mark White, Founder and President at content26.

As the media loves to remind us, pregnant women and new parents are extremely valuable to brands.
And as Keith Anderson showed in a recent webinar on the baby category that I participated in, the market for diapers and baby food alone are estimated to be …Read More

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dunnhumby Guest Blog: How Multichannel Grocery is Changing the Way That Consumers Buy

Authored by on November 17, 2015

By Julian Highley, Global Director Customer Knowledge at dunnhumby.
The grocery landscape is undergoing major changes as the multichannel movement becomes one of the biggest game-changers in the industry. According to dunnhumby’s recent research, which analyzed the online and in-store shopping behavior of 7 million shoppers in 14 different countries around the globe, remarkable shifts …Read More


China’s Singles’ Day 2015 Breaks All Records

Authored by on November 11, 2015

eCommerce giant Alibaba has announced that it has broken its own record for sales on Singles’ Day, a Chinese shopping event that celebrates people who are single – and the world’s biggest online shopping day in history.
Launched by Alibaba in 2009, Singles’ Day – also known as Double Eleven because it is held on …Read More


Hubba Guest Blog: Getting Noticed by Baby Retailers – Here’s What a Buyer Looks For

Authored by on November 10, 2015

Nearly every baby brand fantasizes of having their dream retailer come knocking on their door and begging to stock their products. We wanted to drill down and find out what perks up a buyer’s ears for baby and kids products.
We had the pleasure of chatting with Anke, Senior Merchandiser for Baby and Kids at We …Read More


Fall 2015 Virtual LEAD Conference: Plan for Growth – Digital Imperatives for 2016

Authored by on November 5, 2015

With eCommerce projected to account for as much as 50% of total CPG growth over the next five years and digital influencing 64% of all retail sales, retailers and brands need new strategies and capabilities to capture their fair share of sales.
Profitero’s VP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson will be speaking at the Fall …Read More


Hubba Guest Blog: How Huggies and Dove Baby Became Iconic Household Baby Products

Authored by on November 3, 2015

In this post, we take a look at two brands on Hubba that have built a serious reputation for caring for babies. Over the years Huggies and Dove Baby have become iconic household baby products.
“In a complex world, iconic brands will offer a welcome shortcut to decision making.”   Nigel Hollis, author of The Global Brand …Read More

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Live Webinar: The Online Baby Category – A Gateway to eCommerce, November 12

Authored by on October 29, 2015

Webinar:  The Online Baby Category – A Gateway to eCommerce,  November 12

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“For many people, having a baby is the gateway to online shopping. New mothers are 4 times more likely to buy their groceries online than the average …Read More